Community and Social Media Internship

At Sputnik ATX, we want to provide useful resources for and interact with entrepreneurs starting their own businesses. We're looking for a Community and Social Media intern who can help us interact with the local Austin startup and venture capital community online.


  • Brainstorm ideas for and contribute to the creation of new content, from blog articles to video and illustrations
  • Assist in art direction for content creation (ex: video shoot script supervising, planning, direction)
  • Manage ongoing social media campaigns (e.g. daily posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin), research content ideas and drive increase in quality followers with consistent content and message targeting
  • Consult Sputnik startup portfolio companies on marketing strategy, specifically social media marketing
  • Keep up to date on tech/ startup news and general current and trending events for social commentary and relevancy
  • Assist in handling incoming emails, social media comments and messages from potential and existing applicants and partnerships.
  • Become an advocate for Sputnik ATX and startup founders in social media spaces, engaging in dialogues and answering questions where appropriate.
  • Curate online forums and assist in organizing and planning community events (community members include startup entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, etc.)
  • Assist in planning and booking guests for various media projects
  • Build on current processes and develop organizational elements for maximum efficiency
  • Keep up to date with current social media tools, apps, channels and strategies relevant to Sputnik ATX
  • Attend events in the Austin startup ecosystem and build relationships


  • Ability to identify and interact online and face-to-face with different audiences in a genuine way
  • Experience creating content for social media for business purposes (not your personal social media unless you have a personal brand / product). This could take the form of a school project, a previous internship / job or an entrepreneurial endeavor.
  • Genuine interest in and curiosity about the startup world, technology and entrepreneurship
  • Organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to execute strong communication, customer service and support skills
  • Resourcefulness, can-do attitude and ability to search for and find what you need
  • Proven ability to think creatively and analytically. (You must be able to demonstrate creativity with a portfolio or collection or work samples)
  • Experience with startups and/or venture capital preferred but not required


Applicants should be motivated to get hands-on experience and be able to take initiative. This is a team-oriented environment, so we'll be doing a lot of brainstorming and collaboration.

How The Program Works: This is a paid internship. Interns who excel will be invited back for at least another term for a paid internship depending on company needs. There will be plenty of opportunities for free food and fun around the office / town in addition to hard work. Some of our past intern team-building activities have included kayaking on LadyBird Lake, yoga in the office yoga room, lunch-and-learns with the company partners, and a rock-climbing day. Paid interns will have the option to enter a 401(k) retirement plan through Sputnik ATX.

Hours: Interns must be present in our office (301 Congress) for the majority of their working hours, but we are happy to provide flexibility with school schedules on a case-by-case basis.

To apply, please fill out this form:

Name *
LinkedIn profile or file in Google Docs or Dropbox.
Show us your portfolio of copywriting and social media work here. If you have an advertising portfolio, that works too!