When will The next cohort start?

Application Period for Winter: October-December
Winter Cohort: January - March
Application Period for Summer: April - June
Summer Cohort: July - October

How is sputnik

different from

the other


in town? 



  • Set cohort dates

  • Structured mentoring that is tailored to your startup

  • Located in the heart of downtown Austin

  • We don't have an open office, so you won't have to fight to get time with Joe and Oksana

  • We use the Y-Combinator SAFE note so you don't have to haggle about valuation.

  • Our nerdy staff is second to none

What's included in the

Sputnik program? 



  1. $100,000 of funding

  2. Access to other investors

  3. Workspace

  4. Startup curriculum

  5. Mentorship with real C-level people

does sputnik fund

startups outside of


We require that businesses in the Sputnik ATX program be stationed in Austin for the three-month program. Please only apply if your business is within a 300-mile radius of Austin or is willing to move to an area within that radius and stay long-term. 

when is my application


Applications for the Winter cohort are due on December 25. We'll have 2 cohorts per year; Summer applications will be due on June 25th.

what kind of startups

does sputnik fund?






All makers are welcome to apply!

With Exceptions:

  1. Real Estate

  2. Franchises

  3. Restaurants

  4. The naughty list (guns, drugs, alcohol, porn, gambling)

  5. Pyramid Schemes

I'm Not Incorporated and/or I don't have a co-founder yet. can I still apply? 

Yes, when in doubt, apply with what you've got. If you're accepted, we'll ask you to incorporate and find a co-founder if you don't already have one. 

What if i don't get in?

 If you aren't accepted to our first class, don't be discouraged. We will do two cohorts per year. Rejections could be a result of many factors unrelated to whether we think your idea will take off. You are always welcome to reapply.

You should also look at other incubators/accelerators in the Austin area. They are great, and we're big fans of anybody in Austin doing early stage investing.  Texas is a great place for business, and Austin is its preeminent start-up launchpad.