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Kick-Butt Marketing: Get Known, Chuck Norris Style

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Kick-Butt Marketing: Get Known, Chuck Norris Style How SparkCognition became one of the fastest growing startups in Texas

Marketing for startups is life or death. You can have the best technology in your market, but if you're not telling the right story to the right audience, you're dead to the world and will have no customers.

Yet, when developing a marketing strategy and building a team to effectively execute (another favorite Chuck Norris word), founders often find that they're strapped for time and resources. What marketing initiatives are the most important for a startup? What is the right balance for young companies between building in house and outsourcing? How can I supercharge this for maximum impact, Chuck Norris style? Remember, Chuck Norris doesn't need social media, he's already following YOU!

In that vein of taking your marketing up to level 10, learn how one supernova AI startup in Texas catapulted from a 10-person, boot-strapping team to 7500% YoY sales growth and a 250X increased valuation in just four years. Yeah, Chuck Norris Texas Ranger style! With Spark Cognition VP of Marketing and Communications, John King.

John King, VP Marketing and Communications at SparkCognition

John King, VP Marketing and Communications at SparkCognition

SparkCognition leverages data to make customers' teams more effective, and their machines more reliable, resilient, and secure. The company works with global enterprise organizations in critical industries and is committed to building AI technology to advance the most important interests of society.

Joining in a sales and marketing role as one of the first ten people at SparkCognition, John successfully built the company’s marketing and communications organization, contributing to SparkCognition’s 7500% YoY sales growth from 2015-2019, and a 250X increased valuation over that same time period. Now a recognized global AI leader, John oversees SparkCognition’s marketing and communications strategy, setting the vision and priorities for the team, and driving alignment with sales, customer success, and product.

Under John’s leadership, SparkCognition's in-house communications team has earned recognition from dozens of global technology and business awards such as CNBC’s Top 20 Disruptor of 2017, Wall Street Journal’s 2018 Top 25 Tech Companies to Watch (#9), CB Insights AI 100 list for three years in a row, SXSW’s Hottest Startup (2X), TechFlash Titans, Nokia’s Global Open Innovation Challenge, Venture Beat, Red Herring, and many more. John’s team has acquired earned media from hundreds of national and global outlets such as Inc., Fast Company, WSJ, Financial Times, Reuters, Axios, Forbes, Fortune, Gartner, as well as local and industry publications.

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