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Opportunity Zones with David Robinson Jr.


David Robinson Jr. joined Admiral Capital Group to build on its mission to make a strong social impact in the cities where the firm invests. Admiral Capital takes 10% of profits and utilizes investments to create opportunities to support communities. For example, Admiral Capital Group purchased a Hilton Hotel in Houston, TX and created the Admiral Hospital scholars program in partnership with Hilton, University of Houston and local school districts.

The program provides internships and college scholarships for high school students in Houston interested in hospitality. Moving forward, David’s goal is to expand Admiral’s platform to making direct impact investments as well as scaling the philanthropic work.

Before Admiral Capital Group, David spent three years working for sports and education technology startups in Austin and New York. David was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and attended University of Texas at Austin.

Join us at Sputnik ATX on December 14th, where David Robinson Jr. will speak about Opportunity Zones and Admiral Capital. Learn more about opportunity zones and RSVP below.