application Documents

There are only two standardized documents you'll need to upload when applying, both are below.



We base our SAFE note upon the YC funding model.  YC is a great accelerator program, and their note was originally developed by YC to avoid wasting time negotiating valuation when funding large groups of companies in cohorts. Our SAFE note enables us to focus on adding real value to what you do, and we agree to figure out the value later when you raise additional funds in your next formal funding round.

**IMPORTANT FAQ ANSWER: The SAFE document below states that the "discount rate" is 70%. To persons unfamiliar with legal documents and their particularly indecipherable vernacular, this appears at first blush to be bait and switch on the stated 30% discount rate.  However; please make sure to read the definition in the document of "discount price" and how it is calculated. The discount price is:  70% X the Standard Preferred Stock sold in Equity Financing. Basically, it says 70% because that is the multiplier needed to end up with a 30% discount. 

Click below to download the SAFE document if you are applying to the main program, with $100,000 funding. See requirements for applying to the main program here.

Click below to download the SAFE document for the UT X Sputnik Entrepreneur In Residents program, with $10,000 funding. See requirements for applying to the EIR program here.


Business Plan

When applying, please include a copy of your business plan formatted using our standard template. Please keep it simple, and follow the guidelines in the template.  We give points for brevity, so please keep this simple and to the point.