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Blogger. Researcher. Journalist.

At Sputnik ATX, we want to provide useful resources and tips for entrepreneurs starting their own businesses. And who wants to read complicated jargon on their snack break? Nobody. We want a writer who can use colorful metaphors and a conversational tone to get the message across. Think TechCrunch.

Here is one example of our content: Is Your Startup Idea Gold or Goop?

As a writer at Sputnik, you'll need to...

  1. Write copy for blogs, podcasts, videos, social media and brand materials with a voice that's consistent with our brand (see article above) and for other brands in our portfolio.
  2. Brainstorm ideas for new content to be published on our website, and other news outlets
  3. Interview subjects and conduct research for your blog pieces

You'll need...

  • Ability to write content tailored to different mediums (to name a few: social media, blogging, podcast and film scripts)
  • Proficient knowledge of or desire to learn the basics of economics
  • Basic knowledge of rhetoric, or how to make an argument (ethos / pathos / logos)
  • Experience with journalistic-style writing (no minimum number of years or degree requirement; your samples will speak for themselves)
  • Basic knowledge of Associated Press formatting is a plus

Internship Things:

Applicants should be motivated to get hands-on experience and be able to take initiative. This is a team-oriented environment, so we'll be doing a lot of brainstorming and collaboration.

How The Program Works: During their first term (Fall, Spring or Summer), interns get to know Sputnik and gain hands-on experience in a part-time unpaid internship. The interns who excel will be invited back for at least another term for a paid internship depending on company needs. There will be plenty of opportunities for free food and fun around the office / town in addition to hard work. Some of our past intern team-building activities have included kayaking on LadyBird Lake, yoga in the office yoga room, lunch-and-learns with the company partners, and a rock-climbing day.

Hours: Interns must be present in our office (301 Congress) for the majority of their working hours, but we are happy to provide flexibility with school schedules on a case-by-case basis.

**If you are applying from another city, please acknowledge in your statement below that you are aware this internship is located in Austin, TX and are willing to be physically present for the duration of the internship.

How To Apply

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