Magic 7: The CMO's Listening List


We asked Antony McGregor Dey, entrepreneur and marketing expert, about his go-to sources for digital marketing. Here’s what he said.

“I love podcasts as I can multitask — cooking dinner or cleaning the house while learning makes you feel hyper-productive,” said Dey.

Here are 6 podcasts and one website Antony Dey visits religiously for all things digital marketing:

  1. Perpetual Traffic —

A very detailed, technically in-depth, and strategic podcast on digital marketing with a heavy focus on Facebook

2. Call to Action —

Although it hasn’t been updated in awhile there are some fantastic, short and highly insightful podcasts that focus on specific problems and their solutions

3. Shopify Masters —

Dey loves this one as it’s all about the real stories of the hard work needed to build a successful online business, by the people who’ve actually done it. They don’t just cover marketing but everything it takes to be an entrepreneur in the online retail world. It’s also great as they focus on the failures and not just the wins.

4. Marketing Optimization w/ AlexDesigns — Ecommerce, Conversion Growth & Startup Business —

A really nice and quick podcast full of actionable soundbytes on things like analytics, conversion optimization, ad buying and targeting, copywriting etc.

5. Noah Kagan Presents —

This is a great podcast to hear incredible stories from solopreneurs and small business who are doing big things. It’s interesting and always fun.

6. Marketing School —

A valuable quick (10 mins) podcast on real things that you should be doing in digital marketing right now.

7. — Antony Dey gets the majority of his digital marketing reading via, an online community for digital marketers powered by Hubspot.

Antony is a serial entrepreneur, seasoned startup and SaaS executive, and globally recognized expert on marketing technologies. With over 20+ years of B2B and B2C digital marketing experience Antony has always been at the forefront of digital marketing — from the growth of email and mobile apps through to big data and artificial intelligence. Check out his site at

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