From the left: Evan and Sonya (Meowtel), Kelly (Redenim), Kevin and Jonathan (Backtracks), Tom and Michael (Pei)

From the left: Evan and Sonya (Meowtel), Kelly (Redenim), Kevin and Jonathan (Backtracks), Tom and Michael (Pei)


Meet Our Startups!

These internships and jobs present unique opportunities to join venture-backed, high-growth startups early in their inception.

Startups need entreprenurial-minded people on their teams in order to be successful, and that's what the positions below will involve. Applicants must be able to understand the problems these startups are solving in their unique industries and take initiative in making these solutions happen with burning passion.

P.S. We like nerds (think π before 🥧), so if you have a technical background and are interested in communication, we encourage you to apply.


Check out the open positions below, then scroll down to the bottom of this page and fill out the form.

Open positions:


Startup: Podcasts have measurement, monetization, and discovery issues that artificially limit revenue generation from a large and growing base of consumers. Jonathan Gill and Kevin Wright are fixing those problems with Backtracks, Inc., a podcast analytics and hosting platform that gives podcast publishers and advertisers actionable data and insights, allowing them to adjust and target content for their audiences.

Job with Backtracks: Sales representative

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Startup: Sonya Petcavich and Evan Godwin are the founders of Meowtel, a platform that connects cat owners to trusted, verified cat sitters nearby. While many tech solutions exist for dog sitting, there is an unmet need for the cat community.

Internship with Meowtel: Paid Campus Ambassador for Meowtel. If you love kitties and hanging with students, this is the internship for you.

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Startup: Shopping for a new pair of women's jeans stinks. Sizing and styling is inconsistent across brands, creating a big time suck in the fitting room. So, Kelly Ernst is founding ReDenim, a personal styling, data analytics platform for women that sends jeans to customers’ homes, matching their personal style and size. Redenim helps women feel more confident in their own skin.

Internship with Redenim: Marketing and graphic design. Paid.

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